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It all starts with a conversation

In many ways, the most important part of my process is to meet you. Through talking to you about your property, what you love about it, what you want to keep, what you want to change and significantly, how you live in it, I am able to develop an idea of how best to design. 


This first conversation is also an opportunity to discuss budget, timescale and concept. Also, we can go through my process in greater detail and discuss my price range.

Send me a message to discuss how we can improve your home

Deer Architects Cardiff Wales Brief

"The trees are a key feature year round"


Work stage 1


The next step is to meet you at the property, for me this is an invaluable opportunity to better understand the property. I will begin to consider its history and that of the local area. I’ll also analyse the site, structure, natural light and views. This is a crucial stage for me to assess the positives and negatives of your property, and understand it inside and out. 

Additionally, I always like to know if you have a hobby, a collection or perhaps a piece of furniture of sentimental value. Little things like this can enrich the process for me and enhance your enjoyment of your home.


In short, the ‘brief’ stage of my process is all about gathering all the necessary information for creating the concept in the next stage.


Work stage 2
Concept Design

With all of the information gathered, I will create a concept design for your property, establishing an overarching theme for the design using sketches and 3D models. This will all work to give you a full sense of how your property will feel when it’s completed.


This stage is all about ensuring that you and I are on the same page and that the thought process behind the designs is clear. I offer concept options so you can decide the best choice for you before moving forward.


Architectural hand drawn Concept Design Sketch of House Extension by Deer Architects, Ling Reed
Deer Architects Cardiff Wales Southminster Road Model Sitting Room

"Interior 3D collage of site, the trees are a key feature"


Work stage 3
Developed Design

The next step is to look at initial costings, working closely with a Quantity Surveyor to secure your choices.

With a concept design decided, I will prepare a more formal drawing package with annotations. These can be can be given to builders and used for planning permission, if necessary. 


If requested, I can meet with the planning officer and explain the design intentions.

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